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I’m a graphic design student. You’ve probably picked up on that by now (maybe… omg I’m terrible wahhhh). I’m hoping that my eye for detail and my artistic talent will get me somewhere (far away from retail).

So, I present to you a thing that drive me insane: movie packaging. Not the material or the inserts. The covers. Specifically, DVD or bluray series graphic design consistency.

In the first photo, you can see that Forever Knight volume 2 is thicker than volume 1. (I haven’t gotten around to getting volume 3 because I was broke when it came out many years ago… and it’s price is a little high now that it’s hard to find.) Fringe is just about perfect. The WB logo is floating around a little bit from volume to volume, though. And the glow around “1” is larger than all the others.

Next, we have Harry Potter. -_- wth, Warner Bros.? The first two are in these crazy sleeves and cardboard packs. You might be thinking those are special editions or something, but they were what came out on the original release day. All volumes after that were in plastic cases. Some of those didn’t even have special editions (some did! But they were in plastic cases, as well). Heroes was almost consistent, but the title floats around some.

LOTR is fucking perfect. Consistent across the board. Bless them.

Lost. Lost just pisses me off. Not only did the show itself shit in your face, but the design of the packages is like a big middle finger, too. 1-4 look alright. The numbers float a little. Then the packages start to slim down. Then 5 is like, “I’m gonna be dark instead of opaque. And make my title small and shit. Because fuck you, that’s why.” So, season 6 is all, “HEY GUYS. I’m special.” Yes, this bastard not only has a title that doesn’t match the rest, but it’s also missing the little spine picture.

Supernatural was going so well. It’s actually not too bad. The only breakdown of consistency comes from volumes 5-7 not having colored tops like the rest, and the size of the WB logo changes. Forgivable.

Lastly, Dexter. Dexter, Dexter, Dexter. The images at the top of the spine keep moving. The lettering can’t decide where the hell to stay or what color to be or if it wants a stroke or a drop shadow or both. It changes size, too.

I am a collector. It brings me a small joy in this world of poopy caca. Ugly design bothers me. These things are meant to protect your movies and be on display. The display, at the very least, should look nice. Dammit.

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